It’s now been almost three years that I’ve been in the clothing business, a drastic change from my past life in the food import industry. It’s nice to take a step back and reflect on the last three years and really understand what compelled me to get into becoming a retailer of South Asian fashion.

I had been travelling to South Asia and the Middle East for the past almost thirty years and always found myself coming back with suitcases upon suitcases of sarees, punjabi suits and lahengas for my own personal use. For me, the selection abroad was much better than what I could find locally and at a much better price point. While I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy my clothing abroad, I did however always wonder if I was going to the right places in those markets and getting what was truly “in style” and if I was getting ripped off, relative to local standards. The experience for Canadians, Americans or Europeans to go shopping in India or Pakistan can be daunting and I always wanted there to be somewhere locally that could provide me with curated styles at an attractive price point.

Almost all my shopping was done from India and I was very unaware of the beautiful designs coming out of Pakistan. It wasn’t until I started researching more than I learned of the wide variety of patterns and styles that are created by Pakistani designers. Aside from being experts on kurtis / shalwar kameez designs, they are very imaginative on asymmetric styles, stunning prints and highly detailed embroidery. They even produce beautiful sarees and lahengas. Even Bollywood celebrities are embracing more and more of Pakistani with Kareena Kapoor frequently sporting the works of Faraz Manan. Elan and Sania Maskatiya also inspire the Bollywood red carpet.

Sherezade Boutique was created to curate the best of Indian and Pakistani designs and present them seasonally on the doorstep of Vancouverites. We aspire to customize the experience to the needs of each customer and be able to provide them with the variety of styles and price points so everyone can find what they need in their own backyard, without having to travel to India or Pakistan to get the latest fashions.

We’re becoming more active on social media so be sure to follow us. I’ll also continue to journal with the latest trends around South Asian fashion and lifestyle. I’m currently in India for two weeks meeting with suppliers and designers across the country. Follow my instagram ( for a sneak peek at my finds or drop me an e-mail to book a personal shopping consultation when I’m back. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list as well to keep up to date and we are always open to your feedback!